– Allow me to mash a couple things tagether, tater style: Another happy newish yeahr in futuristic 2014 to ya! Along with my buddies Corinne Odermatt and Michael Hacker, Idon Mine Co. is at the 3rd Berlin graphic days, showing and telling… you to keep rollin, no matter whut. October 2013 saw me meddlin’ up the 1st POSTER HULLA BALOO with my man C. Wellmann …what future TRASH will come out of this, AAAAAHHHHH!??

– In fall 2013 Idon Mine Co. had the pleasure to have a couple a drawings at the Soundflat BALL ROOM BASH in Germ-a-knee for the 2nd time in a row, kindly invited by Eric & Trax. More Swiss-style action was also included, as Wolf Wolf and the Bitch Queens, as well as the Jackets and Speedy and the Fuck Offs were outfitted with some bad art for their good sounds. Did more shirts for the Creeping Ivies and the Bitch Queens, on top a that. Also in laaate 2012, Idon Mine Co was showing a set of plaster drawings at Early Birds, at (Ghasp!) raised-brow outlet Kunsthalle Karlsplatz, Vienna.


– We be crackin! There’s a load of things coming out until the fall, for now I can call on more poster and record work with the WARDENS out of OZ, some new stuff with the GHOST BIKINI and a cookie for the ever sweatin GET WETS. Shows will also be gettin the IM treatment, with WOLF WOLF and the WEIRDSVILLE club posterin it up for fall.

– Oh yeah, those shirts are out!

EARLY 2012

HAPPY-preppy 2012 everyone!

– As of March, there will be a couple of bigger things coming up from the IDON MINE cave in spring, which I’m pleased to share with you all. I can’t be specific yet, but get ready for collaborations with bands, labels, and a extra whacky something. All that and more, come March!

– There are some shirts in the works, coming readily for the warmer spring time or the secret outfit under the many layers of winter rags. Your choice!

APRIL 2011
I posted a couple of recent drawings, so this won’t be an empty ride when you come by. All drawings are drawn in ink with brushes and if not noted otherwise, are colored digitally. Snap! I gotta learn how to paint!

– Other Nonsense-iquential places to find me: A CLICK TAKES YOU THERE! GARAGEPUNK HIDEOUT, TWITTER & BOO! FACEBOOK. You can also reach me for job inquiries at this address:  Don’t hesitate to write me – Make IDON MINE artwork yours!

– This baby was born! Thanks for checking in & welcome to the Blog and to the silliness connected. As toddlers go, we will have loads of fun, babbling and nonsense + the eventual crapping around.

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