BAD WEED pizza box

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IDON_HACKER_BAD WEED_15 web Hacker_Mine_badweed_box-1 Hacker_Mine_badweed_posterbox-2

The trendy keeps going baby! Some more Pizza for those fools over at BAD WEED, this time I got to ruin my buddy Michael Hacker’s artwork when it was combined wit’ mine. Shoulda known better, uh-hum!! This stuff is a poster, is a wrapping for the first single they released on BATCHELOR RECORDS back in Jan’ 20×5 – AND I even got some half nice picture on it, getting there… but dont ya count on it like it was math!


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The rippin’ CREEPING IVIES have done it again and I’m very pleased they asked me to do the cover art and design for their outstanding LP “STAY WILD” <<<— Get the downloads for cheap-oh on the Bandcamp, baby! The physical LP will be released in early 2013 by DEAD BEAT records on green vinyl – can’t wait!! The Creeps have been very busy this year, I mean just check out their great video from the GHOST TRAIN Ep.

Total moody beauty there and one of my all time faves. I hear there is a new one in the works to come out witht vinyl. So look …OUT!



The PROMO thang for the record!!



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IdonM-wolfWolf rec12

Now… HERE is a ton of things done for the BLUES PUNKIN’ WOLF WOLF outta Switzerland! Up top you can find the special edition 7″ for their Japan tour this fall, from LUX NOISE records – comin complete with the tour poster right below these lines. Below that you can see a promo for that to get brains tingly. And even further down the line… the tour post-card for the Germany fall tour. These two guys have been BUSY!wolfwolf1

IdonM-wolfwolf promo12 WOLFWOLF-postkarte-E2

THE WARDENS Single and Posters

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The WARDENS have presented their new 45 “LOVE THE PEOPLE” on the weekned, with two shows on Friday and Saturday in Melbourne. Cover/Back is upstate of this text,  as well as the labels done for this. CRACKIN!

Below you can find the two posters for the shows at the Tote and the Bridge Hotel (as I take it from trust-able sources, former HOTELS are the new bars in Australia). They played with the humongous NEW CHRISTS, RIVER OF SNAKES & THE IN THE OUT. Makes you wanna live in Oz, ha? But C’est-La-Salad – as I’ve said before, baby!


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Sweet as bees Scotland band the CREEPING IVIES just released their EP GHOST TRAIN & I was informed by their ectoplasmic counterpieces, to do the art for it… GOOOOOO! Front and Back cover below, CD’s & downloads are availible from June 1st, meanwhile dig it here at the Creeping Ivies bandcamp.

Promotional drawing, to shine the record a bit on the net. Sorry that I gave you that smoking habit Duncan…


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Here’s a couple a things I did for the ASTRO GIRL RECORDS label straight out of Italy …BOOM! Up top is the cover of the HIT GIRLS 45 coming out pretty soon, below the back cover, all in illustrated goodness. The HIT GIRLS are kind of a Allstar band with Marilú from PIPERITA PATTIES (NEW album also coming out on Astro Girl!) and Val Ventura who does her own blend of beach Rock’N’Roll + Carlo Le Rat Ramone… and that my friends, should speak for itself.

We also worked out some announcements and promo things for them – there’s more to come, so watch out! As always, be sure to click these pictures for the full-res folks!


April 3, 2011 § 2 Comments

Here’s the Cover artwork for the first GARAGEPUNK HIDEOUT compilation released on April 11 on all kinds of download plattforms – just name one, it will be there. You can find all details here on the COMPILATION PAGE. And oh yeah, it’s free for members of the HIDEOUT so, get with it. RAW drawing below. RRRRAW! Don’t you like saying that? Enjoy!



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