ANA THREAT rekkid release

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That troublemaker ANA THREAT will be gonna release her LP on November 25th, you have NO excuses as not to get it and stock up on yer catalogue of A.T. related records, DO IT NOW! This out AGAIN on Cut Surface, remember from earlier?? That compulsive nag-about Idon Mine didn’t know better than to make another waste of paper a reality! Shoulda stayed away! I guess u guessed it: Riso, SoyBOT, all that, UGHH!!

Also something from earlier this year:


MICRO poster Hullabaloo 20X5

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Had the UN-describe-able pleasure of doing a Poster Hullabaloo last Summer with my folks, Steve Reeder (of MotMot), Burn Bjoern (who also had the nerve to force me to print this ugley poster-thang for the show) and Michael Hacker at Hotel Burgas in Vienna. Wus a lotta fun!! So thanks to Jon Silver, master mixer to the stars and the Burgas people, Maxi: volare!


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My faves since the cradle, THE HUSSY wus in town by help of Steffan of Galaxy People what an offering! It wus HAWT it wus LOUD, it’s is THE HUSSY baby!! COME BACK! This time around Idon Mine even had his crap together and printed that shtuff on time, again at SOYBOT Vienna. Whutta load!


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DEAD GHOSTS was here for I think the 2nd time, show makers Reich & Föhn again set up alla the wiggly parts to make it happen, cool! Well, evryone was on track ‘xcept for Idon Mine who took to long to draw this thang, so it wusn’t ready to be printed on time – don’t call me baby, cuz you there will be trouble! GOT IT??


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3 color risoprint again with my bud Michael Hacker risoprinted by that other bud Burn Bjoern at SOYBOT in Vienna. Lot’s a shtuff to remember, hu?? FAST-OUT trash below. Regular stlye big-assed street poster in the third spot, making a mess of all kindsa places. Don’t blame me!IDONMINE_KingKHAN_3_15


Gas huffers KING KHAN & the SHRINES came to Vienna for about the 11th time and by some accident I was to make some promotional items to keep away people, cuz hey who needs RAWK’NROLL, eh?? The anti-propaganda didn’t work, house at Arena was packed, everyone sweated & the band almost suffocated (true story!)

BAD WEED pizza box

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IDON_HACKER_BAD WEED_15 web Hacker_Mine_badweed_box-1 Hacker_Mine_badweed_posterbox-2

The trendy keeps going baby! Some more Pizza for those fools over at BAD WEED, this time I got to ruin my buddy Michael Hacker’s artwork when it was combined wit’ mine. Shoulda known better, uh-hum!! This stuff is a poster, is a wrapping for the first single they released on BATCHELOR RECORDS back in Jan’ 20×5 – AND I even got some half nice picture on it, getting there… but dont ya count on it like it was math!


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I’m trendy! I did this pizza related riso-print thang for the BAD WEED + GOOD COP + REDHEAD ARMY show in November ’14 for my mutant friends over at Eternal Laser, that run that show. Burn Bjoern had to finish up with letters and all, cuz I can’t be bothered with crap like that. Would post a sharp foto of how it looks in real, but dont got no time now. CHEESE!

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