ANA THREAT rekkid release

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That troublemaker ANA THREAT will be gonna release her LP on November 25th, you have NO excuses as not to get it and stock up on yer catalogue of A.T. related records, DO IT NOW! This out AGAIN on Cut Surface, remember from earlier?? That compulsive nag-about Idon Mine didn’t know better than to make another waste of paper a reality! Shoulda stayed away! I guess u guessed it: Riso, SoyBOT, all that, UGHH!!

Also something from earlier this year:



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Little un-required thang to announce the release of AL BIRD DIRT’s collection of oddities in cassette form, released last October thru the NEW label CUT SURFACE, made up out of former Totally Wired members. they have more good shtuff to come (also took this photo, they did)!

Needless to say AL BIRD hated the color scheme: “EEEWW COLOR!”


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Some quasi-recent Nonsense for the EXTRA-terres-trial Ana Threat used on occasion for some of her exploitation ballroom DJ night thangs + a low down no so accurate portraial of KRISTY & THE KRAKS, she been doing together with  tha way-OUT Kate Kristal of Dot Dash and Totally Wired fame, baby! Watch out for morrrrre….. NOW, you know!!

MICRO poster Hullabaloo 20X5

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Had the UN-describe-able pleasure of doing a Poster Hullabaloo last Summer with my folks, Steve Reeder (of MotMot), Burn Bjoern (who also had the nerve to force me to print this ugley poster-thang for the show) and Michael Hacker at Hotel Burgas in Vienna. Wus a lotta fun!! So thanks to Jon Silver, master mixer to the stars and the Burgas people, Maxi: volare!


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DEAD GHOSTS was here for I think the 2nd time, show makers Reich & Föhn again set up alla the wiggly parts to make it happen, cool! Well, evryone was on track ‘xcept for Idon Mine who took to long to draw this thang, so it wusn’t ready to be printed on time – don’t call me baby, cuz you there will be trouble! GOT IT??


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I’m trendy! I did this pizza related riso-print thang for the BAD WEED + GOOD COP + REDHEAD ARMY show in November ’14 for my mutant friends over at Eternal Laser, that run that show. Burn Bjoern had to finish up with letters and all, cuz I can’t be bothered with crap like that. Would post a sharp foto of how it looks in real, but dont got no time now. CHEESE!


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MESSIN ROUND GRAFICALLY … occurrence of ANA THREAT’s show at the POPFEST Vienna tomorrow! Nice one! BRING TRASH TO THE PEOPLE (…another kind)!!

12 years VOODOO HOP!!

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VODOO HOP-flyer-07web

Can ya believe??? Phil & Evel are doing this thang called VOODOO HOP for about 12 years now??? Many good and sweaty memories on that! The Masonics, Los Infierno and a ton a great other wild shitters! And now they got their special friends REV BEATMAN + SISTER IZOBEL GARZIA to smear the stage! ….and me to smear the flyers… BAD CHOICE, bad choice!!


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Do ya smell a theme there?? Yeah, we been busy getting together with the KAPU Linz folks for a while (check the POSTER HULLA BALOO and the MIKE WATT thang), this time IDON was happy to talk the BITCH QUEENS (Swiss) & BAD WEED (Vienna) into playin at GARAGELAND #1 – a new thing from the mind of KAPU bringing ya the mangles of TRASH. They been tearing the house down!! Haha, some unnamed dumb ass even wanted to get in the hairs of the band – to no avail, BUT you never can trust a drunk shitbag baby!

LOVETTs BIRTHDAY thing-A-ding!

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6-Idon-Mine - Lovett2

Rekkid spinner Mrs LOVETT just turned 30, errrrr NO… 26!! Kindly enough, I was asked to add my ink drips to this party. YESsssss!

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