July 2, 2015 § Leave a comment


Awright popheads, I’m givin you the heads-UP only now, cuz ya wouldn’t have been able to take the news when it was HI-TIME: POSTER HULLA BALOO nummer 38….9 went down last september at ARENA Wien‘s Dreiraum with all the usual goofs i.e. poster fARTISTs of your ill-liking! For all of those more ear centric folks, red wine guzzling THE HOWLING HOUNDS, dump heaps NEEDLE EXCHANGE and Bachelor records own NEW SWEARS (strait from CAN-UH-DUH!) tore it up, complete with some real life trash thrown at them by Bad Weed’s Phil Spass and Burn Bjoern of Eternal Laser UN-fame, BAY-BAH!!

What a fool like me can do when you let him, eh?? Well, thanks a truck of tons to the Arena people for puttin up with me yet and again, it wus my earasure, honey!

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