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Idon_THREAT_ANA_web_14 IdonMine_THREATfotos

Did a CHEAP-OH polished printed version of my previous endeavor along with some additional NON-sense for my buddy ANA THREAT (who just released a MONSTEEeR size record last week with KAte K. as KRISTY & THE KRAKS!! more on that later), GLO-SHINE!!


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Dan_Sartain_Vienna14_web2International Lovebug DAN SARTAIN wus gonna be in Vienna last September, so we almost turned this into some kind of print, but cosmic forces bigger than us said NAY!! Well whut-ever!



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Awright popheads, I’m givin you the heads-UP only now, cuz ya wouldn’t have been able to take the news when it was HI-TIME: POSTER HULLA BALOO nummer 38….9 went down last september at ARENA Wien‘s Dreiraum with all the usual goofs i.e. poster fARTISTs of your ill-liking! For all of those more ear centric folks, red wine guzzling THE HOWLING HOUNDS, dump heaps NEEDLE EXCHANGE and Bachelor records own NEW SWEARS (strait from CAN-UH-DUH!) tore it up, complete with some real life trash thrown at them by Bad Weed’s Phil Spass and Burn Bjoern of Eternal Laser UN-fame, BAY-BAH!!

What a fool like me can do when you let him, eh?? Well, thanks a truck of tons to the Arena people for puttin up with me yet and again, it wus my earasure, honey!


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Transdanubian Surf Killer-Dillers BALU UND DIE SURFGRAMMLEN have tainted themselves with my “work” – hell knows what came over them when they thought of that!! Watch out when yer in the waters later this year, cuz they their upcoming EP is gonna sink yer mind!

SHERRI print

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50x35cm screenprint of a ink-drawing of MINE, BAYBA!! Git it at one of the next POSTER HULLA BALOO’s!

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