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Idon-Mine-Graphic days-2014

BY GOLLY! Grab a hold a yerself & move over to the BERLIN GRAPHIC DAYS at Urban Spree in Berlin! First off, rub yer peepers on sum gorge art by the ever beamin’ CORINNE ODERMATT and yers truly, baby! You can do so from today until the 24th of January! Then, turn the clock to the 25th & the 26th of January to shop screen prints at Corinne, MICHAEL HACKER & Idon’s table!


January 22, 2014 § Leave a comment


schnitzelbeat_vol1_webOriginal record artwork by Burn Bjoern

The Rag-Tag TRASH-food mongers aka the HAPPY KIDS, have put the finger on the EX-pand button, baby! Ana Threat has released the double 45′ DROPOUT DUMPLING, containing nothing but bruise inducing tough gal instro-maniac sounds. So turn blue, that-a-way!

While the hip-hippin’ Al Bird Dirt has compiled and researched the magnificent SCHNITZELBEAT, on KONKORD aptly subtitled: Twisted Rock-N-Roll, Exotica- & Proto-Beat Unknowns from Austria 1957-1965. It’s the long overdue trash-templation on Austria’s RNR subculture of said years. Original pressing is sold out, but there will be a repress this very month, OH JOY!

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