November 15, 2013 § Leave a comment


HERE’S sum rockin from the past baby! …Like from 3 weeks ago, cuz that is when yours truly had the honor to put together & host the first POSTER HULLA-BALOO at the legendary KAPU in Linz. As you can see up top, I invited some of the artist from the surrounding I’m dabbling in all year long, to take part and get down with some posters in our “lovely” province: Michael Hacker, Motmot Design, Corinne Odermatt, Jason Potter + me on top for a tasteless gravy of stupid.

Well, whut can I say?? We had a blast at the opening, sold a ton a art, the fabulous HOWLING HOUNDS played a  killer show and Stevie Ray and Sarah L blasted some fine records! See ya in the future, as in… NEXT TIME at POSTER HULLA-BALOO #2!

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