December 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

To sound off, here’s a ton strong colection of things podcast and radio related from my record spinnin folks from all over the globe: Let’s kick it with the most recent one, the header for former WILD WILD SOUND DJ Jim Starks RAUNCHY NOISE Blog! KA-Boom!


Next in the one-two knock out Radio department, is the always vibrant BIBLIODISCOTEQUE show! I had the honor of doing the cover to the request show which also has some, um, requests from me in it. Like peanut butter Hot dogs and the such… TASTY!


Cuttin over to the Europe side of the globe, we drop off right at the corner of England and Raw, raw… RAWK’N’ROLL baby! YOU GOT GOOD TASTE is the place, all furnished to rock by Mr. A the Barber – NUFF SAID!


Here’s NOT a cover, BUT a nod to my buddy Gringo Star from the Sonic Nightmares pod-o-cast, to you know, get that show a birthdate. With all involved being such busy brats it can take a while to bring things on. But hey, I ain’t complainin!


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