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Here’s the pieces I did for the art-show portion of the 6th Soundflat BALL ROOM BASH in Köln (i.e. ROCKNROLL de COLOGNE) I hope my  “art” work had fun, cuz I sure wasn’t there to enjoy it myself. Well I guess in the company of such other artists and bands… and GO-GO Gals… and DJs …and wild crowds (no pun intended!) it was a good swell time to be had. Also it must have been good that those drawings came wrapped in plastic, what with all the action going on! NO SEMPRE, baby!

PS: That flyer is my own rendition of said event – the original sports the dancing genius of Mimi de Montmartre… among all the details of the who’s and whats’… but who wants to read what when you can dance and ROCK’N’ROLL?? With this, we out!

THE WARDENS Single and Posters

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The WARDENS have presented their new 45 “LOVE THE PEOPLE” on the weekned, with two shows on Friday and Saturday in Melbourne. Cover/Back is upstate of this text,  as well as the labels done for this. CRACKIN!

Below you can find the two posters for the shows at the Tote and the Bridge Hotel (as I take it from trust-able sources, former HOTELS are the new bars in Australia). They played with the humongous NEW CHRISTS, RIVER OF SNAKES & THE IN THE OUT. Makes you wanna live in Oz, ha? But C’est-La-Salad – as I’ve said before, baby!


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(I’ll just copy-waste what I wrote about this on FB, here sorry for the poor treatment of my BLOG… sob!):

I’m pleased to tell you, that today, 01st of October, the 9th Volume of the “BEST OF THE GARAGEPUNK HIDEOUT” compilation is released! Here’s a little act of joy I committed, to congratulate the series on it’s romp of ROCK’N’ROLL mischief.

One of the all time greats, STEPHEN BLICKENSTAFF has done the cover for this one and it’s a gas!! Check it out here: You can also buy it off i-Fumes & Cramazon, just notice that if you are a somewhat active ghoul on the HIDEOUT, all comps are completely free! Go here for this: As always… DIG!!

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