February 20, 2012 § 6 Comments

There’s lot’s of fun stuff happening, I’ll start with this: Up top’s a quick ass flyer image I did for A.T.M.’s show on the 17th in Vienna – Then there’s a screenprinted version of the APEPHONIE RECORDS logo I did for my buddy A.T.M. – you know the same guy & owner of said institution! Check it out HERE!

You can also see some of the other sweet garment posters he produced with his stuff on them. He’s got a lot of swell stuff in the bank, that’s gonna be released all over 2012, but starting it off is Swiss band, err gang of R’N’R carnivors, WOLF WOLF! The tape comes with a info flyer and a spray can painted Wolf mask gimmik! You can see them play on some videos on their site, where there’s also say about this tape on a Swiss TV show. Well, not this very one, I got, you know…

It was cool noticing, that my artist buddy & all around big shot talent Corinne Odermatt did an awesome shirt for these guys. Check it out on her site HERE! She’s also the designer behind thee grrrreat official JACKETS records release tour Poster. More about the Jackets and the Austria tour kick off show in Vienna with Wild Evel & the Trashbones + the magnificent Bayou Mystére, here and soon.

Damn, this post has more great Links than a octopodes left body half! All that “I” need to do now, is dust off my cassette player in my second house in the LA hills, where I go to listen the Wolfs howl.

§ 6 Responses to APEPHONIE logo + SWEET STUFF

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