September 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

So here’s the second incarnation of the Hideout sidebar ad for the HIDEOUT, letting you know about the further releases in the GARAGEPUNK COMPILATIONS (do the CLICK-et-y-CLICK for all the linkage of where to get them!) comin atcha! The September number is hot on the heels of the others with a release on the 19th. There is a amazing rooster of artists (including my dumble-humble wish-wash self) doing the covers, so it’s a rad and original package, WHICH YOU SHOULD DIG AND HAVE FUN WITH! Who knows, if enough Rock’n’Roll people buy this, it might even go vinyl at some point.

PLUS: As records are, you get some sweet music, but that’s a regular EXTRA.

Up top are the two frames for the animation and below, since they are quite small, is the original drawing for that. Don’t you feel totally let in on the secret workings of my non-exist background machinery?

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