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“Going out tonight to dig a Rock’n’Roll band!”

We all know this feeling, right? So does little IGOR! Tony’s Monstrosities put out this CLASSIC in way back times (sorry record snobs, I lack the proper label and issue info now, but will add this later, OK?). It’s ladden with fun, and rythms that make you want to turn the house upside down and redecorate a little – RAWK’N’ROLL STYLE! The MONTESAS of Germany created a Killer-Monster cover of it quite recently. Certainly be sure to catch them out when they are in town, or take a trip to wherever they play – it’s a Frat Rock, Hully Gully party!


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Over at my GARAGEPUNK HIDEOUT Blog, I started something called “FAVE LABELS” a little while ago, so I have yet another excuse to draw R’N’R related things without anyone asking. Of course this is not an “official” NORTON Records artwork or something, in fact it’s just a little giddy token of my infatuation for them.

A little about NORTON Records:

Run by the fabulous Duo of Miriam Linna and Billy Miller, who are in a KICK-ASS set of their own called the A-BONES, NORTON will have you find a criminal lot of WAY OUT reissues of stuff we all wish we could have grabbed when it came out first, but were simply just too unborn, or dim-witted, OR broke to get at the time. There are fabulous re-discoveries of RAW 50’s ROCK’N’ROLL and action packed new releases by all time greats of the likes of Mary Weiss, Sun Ra (AND actually too many to name) and of course, the hippest new Rockers out there. All coming at you in splendid presentation, by the way. Norton is dedicated as hell to get all the WILD sounds of the universe out atcha – one could say, that there’s just too much fun to be had from them, if that was a bad thing.

Check it out and get lost in Norton land! www.nortonrecords.com Watch out for future installments of FAVE RECORDS and get surprised by what I like in crazy good labels! And wonder that it’s surely some you most possibly already know about.


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Here’s a couple of little drawings, I sometimes do to get into a certain swing for a bigger theme or drawing I’m working on. Yeah, MONKEY TIME!


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Hi fellow traveler in the realms of the living! IDON MINE here, still fine-tuning the broadcast a bit. Make yourself comfortable, please. Have a drink, sit easy. Got your tin-foil helmets on? Your WAY-OUT goggles on? Your pink gloves and polka dot pants ready for action? Cool! Let’s get going then!

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